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The Podcast

Lost and Forgotten Worlds is a podcast about one of our favorite hobbies, Role Playing Games. We hope to take you on an adventure through the golden age of RPGs; when Dungeons & Dragons was a young, when the miniatures were cast from lead, and the world bore witness to fantastical shaped dice.

Join us as we take young adventurers through the games of high adventure, mystery, and drama. Through the land of Two-Moons. Pilot clockwork ships through the luminiferous aether. Do battle against the minions of supervillains before they take over the city. If we're lucky, maybe we might have time to stop for a pint at the Vulgar Unicorn (but please try not to get stabbed).  

To truly know where we're going, we must first look back at where we began.

Welcome to the Lost and Forgotten Worlds podcast.  


Games on the horizon!

Here are the games we're recording for an upcoming podcasts for 2018. Please join us.



Sword and sorcery in an age undreamed of. Several NEW players come together to discover an ancient shame of the gods. Will they put it right?


Dive into the shadows of Seattle in the not too distant future as our players try and survive in a world of magic and technology.



Our teens are now lost in the Mirror and traveling through strange and dangerous worlds. Can they get back home? Will all of them make it back?


What's New!!!

Powers & Perils 

Three Fay wander into the Iron Leaf Inn and meet a mysterious stranger who offers them a chance to uncover a relic of their people. Their skills are put to the test as they discover the dangers of the Wild Wood.

Powers & Perils

Episode 6: Crowns of the Hidden People

Fan Favorites!


Chapter 1 - Ghost in the Graveyard

Players: Dan, Raven, Jeremy, Lis

It is the Thursday before Halloween, and our heroes are invited to play a game of Ghost in the Graveyard by the popular kids. Halfway through the game, they find themselves face to face with a real ghost. Following it into Hunter's Woods (locally called Haunters Woods) and are then on a run for their life with more questions than answers.

 Click picture to visit the artists Deviant Art page. 

Click picture to visit the artists Deviant Art page. 

Labyrinths & Lizards
and the Egg of Irrgarten

Its HERE! Module B1, Labyrinths & Lizards and the Egg of Irrgarten!
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