Labyrinths & Lizards 
and the Egg of Irrgarten

"Deep in the world of the Labyrinth turns an enormous sphere known as the Egg of Irrgarten. It's magic protects the Labyrinth and is citizens from the onslaught of the Nightless World and their ruler, Dark Spurr. The ageless Queen Sharra looks upon the egg's surface and reads the approaching storm. Word goes out into the land for heroes to defend the Egg and its people." 

"Will you answer the call?"

Download: Labyrinths & Lizards and the Egg of Irrgarten PDF

This PDF is an introduction to some of the game mechanics of one of my favorite roleplaying games called Tales from the Loop. I wrote it to help my players and understand and expand beyond the average hack and slash of some of the fantasy RPGs we've been playing.  

In Tales from the Loop, players take on the roles of teens in the 80s, surrounded by strange things and unexpected events. In this module, they are invited to a local recreation center to help an older teen finish a game he wrote for a contest.

In Labyrinths & Lizards, their TftL player characters will roll up player characters of their own, and play through a meta RPG based on the fantasy novels circulating their school. 

Note: You will need the Tales from the Loop game in order to play this module. Demand that your game store carry it, or go to to get your own. You will not be disappointed.

Also Note: This module is a labor of love and is totally fan created. It is NOT an official supplement for the Tales from the Loop game and is no way associated with Free League Publishing

All art is copyright Lost & Forgotten Worlds 2017, by Raven Trull

Click the picture above to open the PDF. Enjoy!