Tales from the Loop

Step into the alternate '80s universe created by scifi artist Simon Stålenhag in this retro RPG, in the vein of ET and Stranger Things.

Roleplaying in the 80's that never was...

For more on the Tales from the Loop RPG and how you can get a copy, visit Fria Ligan's website (English version) HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: Labyrinths & Lizards and the first several chapters of Ghost in the Graveyard were our very first podcasts, and the sound quality were not the best. We were still learning the ropes, and kind of still are. Always learning. We hope you stick around and still enjoy the game.


Labyrinths & Lizards

Chapter 0 - Character Creation and game of "Labyrinths & Lizards"


Game time 1/22/2017

In this chapter, the players are introduced to some of the core mechanics of the game, along with an introduction to a mutual friend Joshua, who leads them through a role playing game. 


Read through the free download of Joshua's module by clicking below. Written by Joshua (with help from C), and Art by Raven.
Labyrinths & Lizards, and the Egg of Irrgarten.


Ghost in the Graveyard

Chapter 1 - Ghost in the Graveyard


Game time 2/12/2017

It is the Thursday before Halloween, and our heroes are invited to play a game of Ghost in the Graveyard by the popular kids. Halfway through the game, they find themselves face to face with a real ghost. Following it into Hunter's Woods (locally called Haunters Woods) and are then on a run for their life with more questions than answers.


Chapter 2 - Voice from the Fire

Game time 3/12/17

The teens wake from a rough night of strange dreams to discover that their world has changed. Now they have to make it through the school day, so they can find answers together.


Chapter 3 - Gears of the Forest

Game Time: 4/2/2017

With the help from the "ghost" of their dead friend, the teens must find answers deeper in Haunters Woods.

Cyrus wakes to find that things are not what they seem.


Chapter 4 - The Girl in the Mirror

Game Time: 4/29/2017

Part 1
Scotty, Matilda, and Riley after narrowly escaping the drones at the cabin make their way down through the secret passage and into the Mirror. 

Cyrus, having just freeing himself from the dreamworld, helps Joshua escape and gains a new friend along the way. 


Chapter 4: The Girl in the Mirror

Part 2
The kids make their way through the air ducts in the underground base of The Mirror looking for a way out, followed by Joshua and Alonya. 

The final chapter of our Tales from the Loop game.

Through the Looking Glass

Chapter 1: It All Ends

We return to Buckler Washington and pick up right where we left off. But first, a bit of a recap and some leveling up as we play our next chapter in Tales from the Loop. 

Chapter 2: The Vancouver Accident

Sensing something deeper going on, the kids rendezvous at their hideout to learn what Dawn has to tell them and to plan their next move. It is not what they expected.

Chapter 3: Dawn's Father

The Teens make their way to the school to ask Dawn's father for help. Will they tell him that the mind of his lost daughter is trapped inside their friend Joshua? They also learn more about the ghosts and many sandwiches are consumed.

Chapter 4: The Murder of Maya Sokolova

After narrowly escaping Mrs Abernathy at the school, the kids make their way to Matilda's house to try and learn how to program the programmer. Now they have to find their way back to the mirror, but first they need to make a stop to find an old friend.

Chapter 5: The Mirror Cracks

The teens find the Mirror and set in motion the end of the world.

Holiday Special

Chapter 1 : The Christmas Thief

The Christmas before the kids ever discovered the Mirror, they had a bit of an adventure when the hottest new toy - a Tindendo Entertainment Device - was stolen by tiny little robot bears. Now Riley, Scotty, and Matilda chase down the culprits through the streets of Buckler Washington. Will they get their gift back? Why did the bears take the gifts in the first place? And what the heck is a sash? 

It's Christmas in the Loop!

Chapter 2 : Let the games begin

Robot Bears have stolen Matilda, Scotty, and Riley's Christmas gifts, brand new Tindendo Entertainment Devices. Tracking them through the local mall, they end up at a local Gas & Go. But it was a trap and a very messy fight broke out between the robots and the teens.

Now they follow the Robot Bear leader, Mohawk, out the back door and up to a spooky house on a hill. But not before having to traverse several obstacles that seem oddly familiar.

Grab your quarters, its part two of our holiday special.

Chapter 3 : Up and Over

Up and over the scaffolding, the teens; Matilda, Riley, and Scotty, follow the Robot Bear Mohawk. Down into the backyard of the creepy house on the hill. There they meet the architect of the heist that took their Christmas presents and learns of the sinister reason behind it. But do they have the stuff to face this new foe and save their holiday?

Only one way to find out. Its part three and the finale of our holiday special.

Respite, MN

Chapter 0: Character Creation

We are returning to Tales from the Loop with a side story starring Raven and Sabrina. They will be joining Respite, a special academy for gifted kids set off in remote Minnesota. But they soon find that something is out of place and Respite might be hiding a deep secret. A secret that could jeopardize the lives of all the students at the academy.

Chapter 1: Mondays are Hard

Cricket Taylor and Mitchell Bower wake after a strange dream in their dorm at the school of the gifted in Respite. But this day holds many strange things for them, and it all leads to a bully named Pat Hogan.