Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game is a role-playing game set in the Star Wars universe, written and published by West End Games (WEG) between 1987 and 1999. 

Episode 1

Orphans of 66

Our young players roll up characters for the Star Wars Role-Playing Game by West End Games. We are joined by Lis, Jer, and their two young children as we play a generational adventure in a galaxy far far away.


Episode 1 - Part 2

After escaping the pirates with the help of the force, our heroes - Caled the smuggler, Waelyn a Twi'lek bodyguard, Gunny a force sensitive child, and the droid JU-JU 7 - land at the smuggler's world Borlin Hyde. Our heroes try to unlock the secret of the locket, left to them by the Jedi Hab Sarune six years ago when he left Gunny in their care. Caled has come to Borlin Hyde to check with his smuggler friends to help open the locket, find the mysterious world known as Ghanna'me, and the hidden Jedi Temple.

Episode 1 - Part 3

A young pilot on hard times finds herself in the company of the disreputable pirate Capt Chipper. In service to the Howling Saber, she helps hunt down bounties for the newly formed Empire. One prize, in particular, the smuggler Caled and his passengers always seem to stay one step ahead of the captain. But the Captain has an ace up her sleeve, and she needs her young pilot to help her retrieve it.


Episode 1 - Part 4

Piper, a young shuttle pilot meets a deadly opponent, follows the voices in her head, and learns a hard rule of finders keepers.


Episode 1 - Part 5

Piper and the Droid C0-F3, after finding themselves abandoned by the Howling Saber. find themselves adrift and floating towards the Gas Giant.


Episode 1 - Part 6

Piper, after crash landing on a planet in the Giant, discovers that she is not alone.