Worm - Dwarf Rigger


Amazing art by breathtaking illustrator Aviv Or.

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Magic has returned to the world.

Elves, Dwarfs, Orks, and Trolls have found their true forms. Creatures of the wild have changed as well, becoming things of myth and legend. Technology has changed people, too. No longer mere flesh, many humans have turned to artificial enhancements called cyberware, becoming more than human. 

In the world of 2070, when megacorporations want something done but don't want to dirty their hands, it is a Shadowrunner they call on. Their presence is not listed in any database,  but the demand for their services is high. And the skills of the Shadowrunners vary depending on the job at hand.

Deckers slide through the visualized databases in search of information. Street Samurai has honed their skills and chipped their bodies to become the ultimate urban predators. Mages and Street Shamans wield arcane energies and call forth the powers of the earth. It is a quick life, but in the shadows of the Megacorps, it's a free life. 


Episode 0 - Before the shadows

In this episode, we give you a primer for the game ahead; Shadowrun. A near future RPG that combines fantasy and cyberpunk. We also introduce the characters and the new game master.

Original Music by C Wilson Trull

Episode 1 - Elevator to the stars

Four Shadowrunners: Motor -  a Human Technomancer who has a love of dumpster-diving, Worm - a southern Dwarf Rigger who suffers from Congenital Hypotrichosis, Faine - an Elf Mage with an extreme sweet tooth, and M.I. an AI robot who thinks its a person.

They are hired to find a missing person. Their only clue is a single name; Eris. A seemingly an impossible task, will our runners be up to the challenge?

Episode 2 - Deep in the south

Motor, Worm, Faine, and M.I. find themselves deep in the CAS and must now break into a heavily guarded military facility to find Eris.