Powers & Perils


Powers & Perils is a role-playing game of high fantasy and magic created by Richard Snider and released by Avalon Hill
in 1984. 

Our campaign uses a lot of the mechanics of this iconic game, and wraps it with our own version of the Middle World and its mythology.



Episode Zero - History, Backstory, and characters

Introduction to our Powers & Perils game and characters. Includes a history of our Middle World and a primer for the upcoming podcasts of our game. 

Episode 1 - Providence

Three Fay wander into the Iron Leaf Inn and meet a mysterious stranger who offers them a chance to uncover a relic of their people.

Episode 2 - Into the Woods

With hopes of uncovering ancient Crafter secrets, our heroes venture out of Kingsgate and into the Wild Wood. Deep in the wood their skills are put to the test.

Episode 3 - The Underground Refuse

Our three heroes, after discovering the identity of their attacker, follow a trail of garbage deeper into the Wild Wood. They soon discover an underground cavern and come face to face with the guardian of the Wild Wood.

Episode 4 - What slew the 12?

Face to face with a guardian of the Wild Wood, our heroes continue their search for the maps that will lead them to the Crowns of the Hidden People. But first, they must unravel a Dragon's riddle.

Episode 5 - The Lich Flower

The three Fae dive deeper into the caves beneath the Wild Wood in search of the staff and the maps to find the Crowns of the Hidden People. They are stopped in their tracks by fire and a tiny Kitto goblin.

Episode 6 - Crowns of the Hidden People

Will the three fae - Flitt, Ginko, and Sam, find the staff and the maps that will lead them to the Windrose? Will they find the Crowns of the Hidden People? What of their new companion, the Kitto? Find out in this the final chapter of our Powers & Perils game.