Monster of the Week

Most people don’t believe in monsters.
They’re real, they live among us, and when one gets out of hand it’s our players task to bring them down.
Welcome to Monster of the Week


Episode 0

Character Creation

The players create and discuss their characters for the game.

Episode 1

Here There Be

Wealthy recluse and high ranking member of the Hidden Court Litha Grimm, hires Gragle (Jer) a Mundane, Madame Elaine (Lis) a Divine, Virgil (Sabrina) a Spooky, and Harper (Raven) a Monstrous to retrieve a stolen artifact. More importantly to discover if the true identity of the thief is indeed her daughter. The problem is, her daughter has been dead for five years.

Episode 2

Graveyard Guests

The group follows their nose to a crypt and discover a secret about their employer Litha Grimm. But before they can decide on their next move, they are interrupted by a guest to the graveyard.

Episode 3

The Vial

Harper, Madame Elaine, Gragle, and Virgil track the marble back to a house deep in the woods. As they begin to explore, they uncover more than they bargained for.

Episode 4

The House

Our heroes Harper, Madame Elaine, Gragle, and Virgil explore the house hidden deep in the woods near Seattle. Discovering the deadly art of Aramastus.