Crystal Heart

The Savage World System

We are playtesting a new setting for Savage Worlds called Crystal Heart. Created by the talented team of Aviv and Eran, two London-based Israeli gamers and producers of the extraordinary online comic Up to Four Players. Their current story centres around this wondrous world and you can follow their adventures at


The Missing Agent

Dex and Ira on their first mission as Crystal Hunters working for Syn. They travel to the Island Nations in search of a missing Agent, and seek the Feral Crystal haunting the island of Amo'Po. 


The Stone Crab Witch

Dex and Ira meet Natu, the local witch and the last person to see Eran Bittergund the 3rd. Can they convince them to take the Agents to Amo'Po? 


The Ghosts of Amo’Po

On the haunted island of Amo'Po, the Crystal Hunters Dex and Ira search the jungle for the missing agent, discover a long-lost village, learn that they are not the only ones on the island, and come face to face with what can only be described as Ghosts.


The Story of Patro and Iras

After narrowly escaping the Islander ghosts, Dex and Ira take refuge in the temple of an abandoned village. Aviv, a Lee-born Yagga, tells our heroes the tale of Patro and Iras, and learn why the Island of Amo'Po is haunted.


The Embittered Heart

Dex, Ira, and Aviv travel to the island’s peak and finds Eran Bittergund III, but they are not alone, and the secrets of Amo'Po and the Embittered Heart are revealed.