Marvel Super Heroes

First published in 1984 by TSR, this role-playing game allowed players to become superheroes in Marvel Comics.

Chapter 1 - Champion Hall

Players: Erik, Lis, Jackie, Jeremy

We are introduced to the players and their characters as we begin our game of Marvel Super Heroes RPG.

On a sleepy college campus, mysterious portals open up and demons pour forth to attack students. Our Heroes, Ursus the Bear, Rael - Nova cadet, AfterThought, and Crime & Punishment, must band together to help save the students. But will it be in time? What is causing the portals? And do demons really love candy? Tune in and find out!

Chapter 2 - Champion Hall

Players: Erik, Lis, Jackie, Jeremy

On the roof of Champion Hall, our heroes find Professor Stoat. Possessed by an ancient artifact, Professor Stoat is attempting to open a portal to Hell and release a demon wizard. Sensing danger, the Professor calls upon an incredible protector.