I find it very hard to write about myself. So this page is extremely painful to put together. At the heart of me, I am an introvert. Through RPGs and this podcast, I am exploring who I am and in essence, coming to terms with it. 

I currently call the Pacific Northwest my home; its damp demeanor fits my personality to a T. Originally from North Carolina, I moved here for the rain. I am a father of two beautiful cubs, who help me with my addiction to role playing games by allowing me to DM every once and a while. 

My love of RPGs stems back from my early childhood when my brother and his friends introduced me to Dungeons & Dragons. Back then there was only one book, ten cent photocopied character sheets from the library, and dice you had to use a black crayon to fill in the numbers to see. It was a magic time in my youth, not only allowed to play with the older kids, but it sparked my imagination into high gear. Since then, I've delved into dungeons, hacked megacorps with the elves, drove my 58 Bentley S1 Continental Coupe off a cliff to stop Blofeld, and have made many friends along the way.

Now, some 35+ years later, I'm still looking for any excuse to grab my Crown Royal bag-o-dice and roll up some characters.